Thursday, July 5, 2012

Does Your Veil Drive You Crazy?

Veils can slip.  Slippage varies someone based on the laces and trims, but many veils have some tendency to slip.

Worries about veil slippage keep me awake at night.

I know,... I need to get a life, and some sleep.

I am thinking of developing a removable comb to be included on all veils in the shop, at no extra put the slippage issue to rest.  No pun intended.  (Okay, after I typed it, I decided that I kind of intended it.)

Opinions anyone?

We do offer pinning loops, and the option to purchase a sewn in comb, but I would imagine that some patrons may not realize that a comb might be useful, until they begin wearing their veils.  A comb that could be either used, or removed, at any time seems like a solution to me.

Any thoughts?

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