Monday, March 19, 2012

Christian Headcovering: Catholic Mantilla Chapel Veil Colors: Do They Vary According to Age and Marital State? Does Color Matter?

A lovely lady visited the Veil Shop this morning, and asked whether there are any hard and fast rules about the color of veils that one might wear, whether one is married or single, younger or older?  Or whether, presently, it's more a matter of personal taste?

Of course, traditionally, married women wore black, or darker colors, and single women and girls wore white, or lighter colors.  Now, though, it seems to me that those practices have relaxed a bit.  I would say that, as women are re-embracing the practice of veiling, we are, to some extent, making it our own.

However, I am sure that local parishes may have different norms and practices.  If you veil in church, are there any "color rules" or practices in your local congregation?  I would love to here your input on this question.

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